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Acquisition of Diploma Mills. Right or Wrong??

February 15, 2010

Does it really matter that you carry a real degree authenticated by a real institution? Society should realize that talent doesn’t only come under the lamented high profile degrees. There are hundreds of unfortunates out there who did not get the chance or did not have resources to earn a high standard degree, but their dedication to hard work, unbeatable self-confidence and skilled determination is no lesser than a person working in a corporate sector backed by a renowned logo and name. Why don’t we realize that the only thing which is keeping a person away from a well-deserved job, is a single piece of paper. He might even be over-skilled and experienced for a particular job but because he was hapless, he could not get himself conspicuously recognized for his work. Eventually, jettisoned by all means, when he resides to the shortcut way of acquiring a degree so that someone would acknowledge his worth, can we actually blame him for his desperate account of action?


Hello world!

February 15, 2010

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